Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22, 1987: Don Giovanni in Oslo

1987-05-22 Don Giovanni (Mozart), Den Norske Opera (Oslo)

Don Juan: Knut Skram
Il Commendatore Oddbjörn Tennfjord
Donna Anna: Eva Johansson
Don Ottavio: Esaias Tewolde
Donna Elvira: Frøydis Klausberger
Leporello: Stein Arild Thorsen
Masetto: Espen Fegran
Zerlina: Ingjerd Oda Mantor

Heinz Fricke, conductor

Friday 1987-05-22 DEN NORSKE OPERA

(Premiere 4/4-87)
DON JUAN = Don Giovanni
Opera in 2 acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Text: Lorenzo da Ponte
19.30 - ca. 22.35.

Conductor: Heinz Fricke
Regie: Goran Järvefelt
Translation: Per Boye Hansen after Pauline Hall
Scenography: Kathrine Hysing

Lysdesign: Torkel Blomquist

Den Norske Operas chorus
Den Norske Operas orchestra
Cembalo: Tore Dingstad

This Don Giovanni production was also televised naturally with Knut Skram, our Great Norwegian baritone but with other singers in the other roles.

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As I remember it, I enjoyed this night at the opera.

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