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May 21, 1998: L'Elisir d'Amore in Zurich

1998-05-21 L'Elisir d'Amore (Donizetti), Opernhaus Zürich

Adina = Isabel Rey
Nemorino = Vincenzo La Scola
Belcore = Angelo Veccia
Dulcamara = Carlos Chausson
Giannetta = Martina Jankova

Nello Santi, conductor

Ausstattung TULLlO PERICOLl
Mitarbeiler des Ausstatters MAROUAN DIB
Lichtgestaltung JÜRGEN HOFFMANN

0 Mitglied des Internationalcn Opcrnstndios,
unterstützed von der Herbert von Karajan Music Legacy
Musikalische Einstudierung
und Biihnenmusil,THOMAS B1ARTHEL
ftbendspielleitungGUDRUN HARTMANN
Organisation und
Beb'euung der Kincler SUSY SIEGRIST
Iuitische Ausgabe herausgegeben vou
Alberto Zedda, G. Ricordi & C., lVMailand
Donnerstag, 21. Mai 1998 Wiederaufnahme, Kombi-Abo
Pause nach dem 1. Akt
Beginn:20.00 Uhr
Ende: ca. 22.45 Uhr

Should have started at 20.00. The technicians were working hard, the ballet earlier that day, had lasted too long, the management said they were sorry. But they couldn't have known it was like that. So we waited about half an hour. But since we knew the explanation it was all right.

169 SF for a good place in the opera Reihe 2 Platz 7. Fantastic!!!

Vincenzo La Scola is as good as Carreras would have been as Nemorino. (Carreras is better naturally). So natural.

Isabel Rey is great. Actress/singer as were La Scola

All great.

Vincenzo La Scola: is as good as I am sure Carreras would have been if he sang Nemorino. It would have been so interesting to see Carreras in this role, because he would have been supreme. La Scola was also a natural kind of Nemorino. Not Stupid as many portray him, he just haven't learnt to write. "Tu sei buona, modesto sei" You are good, and modest,as Adina says. He has qualities in him, Pavarotti makes him a village fool. And in this version, unlike the Alagna, there no modernization of the arias ( Or should I say Oldifization).

Isabel Rey, is this not-so-modest woman. Wealthy and flirty farm-keeper (quoted from :

She comes at stage and all the other show her their respect. She Takes this in the most natural way, she is friendly to all,and there is just a invisible barrier between her and the others. It is all very natural. The Chorus is overdoing a little, but maybe it's just my seat near the scene that makes it seem so.

Her aria is very natural, sitting there telling them about Tristan and Isolde. Then the duet, such beautiful singing, and acting as it is all happening here and now.

Belcore comes, he is so sure of him self, and vulgar.

Dulcamara comes, and his aides are helping him.

Aria between Nemorino and Dulcamara. The acting and the singing is superb at all stages.

Caro elisir, sei mio -You should have been there. Think about the Philips cd-set with Carreras, and fill it with you own pictures of how you think, it would be on stage, and you might be right. Nothing stupid in this scene either

Adina comes in, and their duet, Incroyable!!

Crowd scene: Adina accepts to marry belcore. "Adina,credimi" Vincenzo La Scola is amazing, Isabel Rey showing Adina's feeling, the stupid, angry Belcore!!

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