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July 25, 2013: Nabucco in Verona

2013-07-25 Nabucco (Verdi), Arena di Verona 

Nabucco = Ivan Inverardi
Ismaele = Lorenzo Decaro
Zaccaria = Vitalij Kowaljow
Abigaille = Lucrecia Garcia
Fenena = Sanya Anastasia
High Priest of Belo = Abramo Rosalen
Abdallo = Carlo Bosi
Anna = Maria Letizia Grosselli

Julian Kovatchev, conductor

Director - Gianfranco de Bosio

Set - Rinaldo Olivieri

I loved this production. All seamed so historial correct. And then we had this wonderful Abigaille, Lucrecia Garcia. She really made it all so perfect. Nobody shone like her in this show. Of course, it would not have worked without the other singers, the chorus and orchestra w/conductor. I love Abigaille!!! Lucrecia Garcia is certainly a singer I would love to see and hear more.

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