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June 25, 2006: Verismo Gala in Miskolc

2006-06-25 Verismo Gala, Miskolc Operafestival

Agnes Baltsa, mezzo
Mirolav Dvorsky, tenor
Natasa Kátai, soprano
Paolo Gavanelli, baritone

Miskolc Symphonic Orchestra
János Ács, conductor

7 pm, Grand Theatre

Verismo Gala

Miskolc Symphonic Orchestra

Host: Ferenc Baranyi
Conducted by: János Ács
Directed by: Imre Halasi

Verismo Gala, Miskolci Nemzetközi Operafesztivál

Agnes Baltsa, mezzo
Miroslav Dvorsky, tenor
Paolo Gavanello, baritone
Natasa Kátai, soprano

SO I guess you want to know was it worth it: YES. Agnes Baltsa was great she sang, of course the Santuzza aria (Voi lo sapete, o mamma) and the duet with Turriddu (no surprise there) but it did not end there, when Turriddu (Miroslav Dvorsky) went out, the music continued and then Paolo Gavanello came it and then it became the duet Santuzza/Alfio (not often a concert piece). IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!

First part was the Cavalleria Rusticana / Pagliacci arias, duets. It started with Pagliacci Prolog which was very appropriate. The second part was the more unknown operas/arias. Started with what was probably something from the opera L'Amico Fritz, then Paolo Gavanello sang aria (CILEA?), it was the aria from Catalani's LA WALLY, Lamento di Federico. Gavanello sang Nemico della Patria (ANDREA CHENIER).... and finally Baltsa came and it was CARMEN, Seguedilla, Miroslav Dvorsky sang the flower aria, and the Verismo Gala ended with the Carmen duet, and when Carmen died it was over.

No extra numbers, nothing. But then my friend told me that it was something happening inside the house, an reception. So we went there. Eva Marton was there, and soon came Agnes Baltsa, Dvorský etc. Of course there was wine, food, and many other people. It was speeches, and naturally Agnes Baltsa was the toast. And I even got a chance to talk to her. I never got a chance to take a photo. Not in the theatre, the usher turned me down. And in the reception it never seemed to be the right thing to do. I could naturally just have asked Agnes Baltsa, I think she might have said yes. But it was enough somehow to be near.



1. Leoncavallo: PAGLIACCI - Prologo - "Si puo?" - PAOLO GAVANELLO, baritone

2. Leoncavallo: PAGLIACCI - "Qual fiamma avea nel guardo!" - "Stridono lassù" - Natasa Kátai, soprano

3. Mascagni: CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA - "Voi lo sapete, o mamma" - Agnes Baltsa, mezzo

4. Mascagni: CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA - "Mamma, quel vino è generoso" - Miroslav Dvorsky, tenor

5. Mascagni: CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA - Intermezzo

6a. Mascagni: CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA - "Tu qui, Santuzza" - Miroslav Dvorsky, tenor
& Agnes Baltsa, mezzo
6b. Mascagni: CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA - "Iddio vi manda, compar Alfio" - Agnes Baltsa, mezzo & Paolo Gavanello, baritone


7. Mascagni: L'AMICO FRITZ - Intermezzo

8. Ponchiello: LA GIOCONDA - "O monumento" - Paolo Gavanello, baritone

9. Catalani: LA WALLY - "Ebben! Ne andrò lontana" - Natasa Kátai, soprano

10. Puccini: IL TABARRO - "Nulla! Silenzio!" - Paolo Gavanello, baritone

11. Cilea: ADRIANA LECOUVREUR - "Io son l' umile ancella" - Natasa Kátai, soprano

12. Cilea: L'ARLESIANA - "E' la solita storia del pastore" - Miroslav Dvorsky, tenor

13. Giordano: ANDREA CHENIER - "Nemico della patria" - Paolo Gavanello, baritone

14. Bizet: CARMEN - "Près des remparts de Seville" - Agnes Baltsa, mezzo

15. Bizet: CARMEN - "La fleur que tu m'avais jetée" - Miroslav Dvorsky, tenor

16. Bizet: CARMEN - "C'est toi? - C'est moi" - Agnes Baltsa, mezzo & Miroslav Dvorsky, tenor

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