Thursday, November 16, 2017

November 16, 1984: Aida in Oslo

1984-11-16 Aida (Verdi), Den Norske Opera (Oslo)

Re d'Egitto = Carsten Harboe Stabell
Amneris = Mirjana Dancuo
Aida = Hilde Nora Veidahl
Radames = Maurice Stern
Ramfis = Svein Carlsen
Amonasro = Knut Skram

Per Åke Andersson, conductor

My mother didn't like this production, I did. I guess she found it too dark and not Egyptian enough. But I really believed in it all. I loved it...

Friday 1984-11-16

Opera in 4 acts by Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto: Antonio Ghislanzoni
Conductor: Per Ake Andersson
Regie: Giancarlo del Monaco
Decor: Dominik Hartmann
Costumes: Bernd-Dieter Muller
Choreography: Lise Eger

19.00 - ca. k1. 22.15

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