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September 22, 2001: Josep Carreras in Stavanger

2001-09-22 Recital, Stavanger Konserthus

Josep Carreras, tenor
Lorenzo Bavaj, piano


"Dolente immagine" (Bellini)
"Luna nova" (Costa)
"Era de Maggio" (Costa)

"Si tu m'aimes" (Denza)
"Vieni" (Denza)

"Chanson d l'adieu" (Tosti)
"Non t'amo piú" (Tosti)
"Because" (Tosti)


"Alfonsina y el mar" (Ramirez)
"Andaluza" (Granados)

"Déclaration" (Leoncavallo)
"Chanson des yeux" (Leoncavallo)
"Sérénade Napolitaine (Leoncavallo)

"Serenata" (Toselli)
"Vurria..." (Rendine)
"Musica Proibita" (Gastaldon)

"T'estimo" (Edvard Grieg)
Napoletan Song?

Josep Carreras with silver-shoes in Stavanger

With silver-shoes in Stavanger, he came, the great Carreras. The concert hall was full, and the applause was rapturous. But still for unknown reasons only two extra numbers for Stavanger. Suddenly the whole audience was at its way out, a little more patience and surely another song with his silvery voice would have been ours. But complain after such a great night with such artistry. He came and wan us all with his passion and great artistry. Stavanger had spared nothing to give the best. The best possible instrument for Bavaj, free programs and big posters for the audience. The champagne was not free, but there is a limit to all. How to compare two concerts, the only difference was the extras. We all loved him singing Grieg's T'estimo and the wonderful, wonderful song that he gave us. We all gasped wanted to know what song is it. I don't know.... But I do know that it was an absolutely wonderful concert. With a man whose voice people say have faded, it is true... does it matter. It was so great and how wonderful that they have wanted to give it all to give the people of Stavanger the best singers and artists to visit them.

And when it, too soon, was time to go home, I was so lucky to find the artists entrance almost in the instant that Carreras and Bavaj came out. I almost had a handshake with Carreras, but he was sitting down into the car. I took a photo of Carreras and one of Bavaj. Lorenzo Bavaj was thankful, it seem, that I took a picture of him too. What a gracious man he is. Carreras, too, of course. But to play second fiddle is a more difficult task and only a great man can play the graciously. So thank you, Carreras and Bavaj for a lovely evening!!!

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