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October 26, 2001: I Capuleti ed i Montecchi in Oslo

2001-10-26 I Capuleti ed i Montecchi (Bellini), Oslo Konserthus

Giuletta = Patrizia Biccirè
Romeo = Ingebjørg Kosmo
Capellio = Carsten Stabell
Tebaldo = Salvatore Fisichella
Lorenzo = Magne Fremmerlid

Elizabeth Norberg-Schulz (Norway), sick (child)***
Replaced by Patrizia Biccirè, Italian Soprano

a wonderful replacement, wonderful Giulietta. Passionate singing, making Giulietta come forward as a person. Ingebjørg Kosmo, a wonderful mezzo, her voice was velvety, sometimes she was lacking in strength, but Bellini is demanding for the voice. Magne Fremmerlid was a big-voiced Lorenzo. I just couldn't believe he was Norwegian. Carsten Stabell as Capellio was a disappointment, weak voice and little presenza. SALVATORE FISISCHELLA was a magnificent Tebaldo.

Romeo's big scene in the end of the opera, was a HIGHLIGHT, and so touching when Giulietta wakes up. I almost cried. Kosmo and Biccire was top class!!

***Luckily as far as I know her child is now well after fighting Leukemia***

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